Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors PhoenixThe PASSPORT 9500ci is the Mack-Daddy of all radar and laser detectors - for those who only want the best in their vehicle! It is the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience ever developed. With blistering all-band radar protection and precise laser "shifting" technology, speeding tickets can be a thing of the past. ESCORT continues to lead the industry by incorporating its patented GPS technology that automatically identifies the source and location of all radar signals. Real threats are processed in less than a second, while false signals are learned and eliminated. Install one of these radar detectors in Phoenix, and all you have to do is drive!

The PASSPORT 9500ci is completely undetectable to all radar detector detectors, keeping you unseen and unnoticed. Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts, Speed Alert™, Safety Warning System and its stealth installation make the PASSPORT 9500ci the ultimate in discreet protection. For the best radar detectors Phoenix has to offer, contact Automotive Expressions today.

Advanced Systems from the Industry Leader in Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Technology

K40 Electronics offers the most advanced line of Radar detector and Laser Jamming Systems in the world. More than just detection, it's protection from speeding tickets. Every K40 unit is sold exclusively through a network of elite K40 certified dealers.

K40 Electronics Radar Detectors

RL360i Radar Detector

The K40 RL360i is the ONLY radar and detection system in the world that has both front and rear radar receivers. These dual receivers provide directional awareness and increased range to keep you protected from radar threats at every angle. When installed with the Laser Defuser g5, you get a 360º Force Field of Protection from every kind of police radar and laser used today. Discreet, Custom Installation. Your K40 radar systems are installed by master technicians, ensuring that your system is discreetly and expertly integrated into your vehicle's cockpit.

K40 RL360I Radar Detector

RL200i Radar Detector

The RL200i provides you with maximum radar range through the concealed front radar receiver. When installed with the Laser Defuser g5, you're protected from all forms of police radar and laser used today. Your K40 remote radar systems are installed by master technicians, ensuring that your system not only matches your driving style, but is discreetly and elegantly integrated into your vehicle's cockpit. Let us build a system for you today.

K40 RL200I Radar Detector

Laser Defuser g5

The K40 Laser Defuser g5 emits a powerful infrared light signal back to the police laser gun at a pulse rate that it cannot understand. This enables the driver to avoid detection and, ultimately, a speeding ticket. The new Laser Defuser g5 interface module allows up to three additional laser transponders to be mounted on either the front or rear of your vehicle for maximum coverage and performance. It’s all the protection you’ll ever need against police laser threats.

***Due to police laser’s extreme pinpoint accuracy and limited beam divergence, any vehicle with a larger profile front end, no front license plate, or chromed plastic, should be outfitted with two or more Laser Defuser g5s to ensure full coverage and protection.

K40 Portable RL100 Radar Detector