Let the Sun Shine In With Phoenix Sunroof Installation

With sunny days around 85% of the time, Phoenix is a great place to enjoy the sunshine. Sunroofs make it possible to take advantage of the sun's rays as you drive around town. However, if your vehicle did not come with a sunroof, you can still invest in an aftermarket job that looks like it came straight from the factory. By choosing Phoenix sunroof installation for your car or truck, you can have a high quality sunroof to enjoy weather year round.

Types of Aftermarket Sunroofs

The sunroof you choose will depend on the features you want and the effect you are looking for. Phoenix sunroof installation can include these types:

  • Sliding – The window in this type is electronically powered and slides across the roof, allowing sunlight and warm breezes in.
  • Inbuilt – The glass window slides out of the way between the roof and the interior lining. The operation is electrically controlled by a panel. Since these are usually found in vehicles that were manufactured with them, the aftermarket roof requires professional Phoenix sunroof installation.
  • Manual Pop Up – This variety is less expensive and is usually made of glass or a tinted metal. It often has a tilting feature to provide ventilation.
  • Spoiler – These are often power controlled and are a combination of a pop up and a sliding sunroof.

With the wide range of sunroofs available, you are sure to find one that will add value to your vehicle and allow in the sunshine and fresh air. Call (602) 279-6165 now for information about the professional Phoenix sunroof installation available at Automotive Expressions.

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