Boasting three and a half decades of experience in the car personalization industry, Automotive Expressions has become the car owner’s go-to auto-shop for all car customization needs. Be it electronics, tires and wheels, truck accessories, interior, or exterior accessories, Automotive will definitely have both the highest quality parts and the best trained staff to install them.

The company’s Phoenix remote start systems are considered some of the best in the region. Supplied by leading industry experts, AVITAL, these remote start systems are top of their class, allowing for easy installation and effortless control.

Some of the popular products in this category include:

  • The AVITAL 5303L 2_way  Remote Start system

Regarded as one of the best products ever made by AVITAL, this innovative remote system starts any car in the push of a button. The best part is that you can control the car from up to 1,500 feet away and even check the LCD screen just to see if the car indeed started. Whenever you arm or disarm your car, you’ll be alerted via the remote. The remote also vibrates if your siren sounds.

  • The AVITAL 4103LX Remote start with keyless entry

 This masterpiece from AVITAL is another remote start option that you can pick at Automotive Expressions. Offering the convenience of remote start with the smallest remote size you can ever find, it is recommended for use with Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) keyless remotes. The AVITAL 4103LX utilizes Virtual Tach technology to incorporate a dedicated A-to-D converter that samples the driving voltage, completely eliminating the need for a dedicated tachometer wire technology. The package features two remotes with dedicated AUX outputs and allows for remote start, trunk release, and lock/unlock operations.

  • The AVITAL 4113LX One-button remote start with unlocking

Car owners who choose the 4113LX say that they are tempted by the small-size coupled with the priceless convenience. This option is also perfect for OEM keyless remotes and provides long range remote starting that will leave you wanting more. It comes with two micro-sized one-button remote controls and allows for unlocking while running. The optional Kill/anti-Grind relay outputs for Horn and Starter are other features that might appeal to a car owner.  

Automotive Expressions is an authorized AVITAL parts dealer meaning that you will get the due warranties on all your products. Visit the Automotive auto-shop today or browse through their Phoenix remote start systems page to learn more.