Automotive Expressions is a car owner’s dream destination when it comes to custom car interior design. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, the Phoenix, AZ based car personalization company has it all to give your car interiors a brand new look.

Car owners can choose from a wide range of options including;

  • Katzkin leather

Katzkin leather has become the in-thing, only found in next generation automobiles. With more than 2,000 different car interior applications, the company offers leather trimmed interiors for just about any car.  Rest assured that the interior products are imported from the finest automotive leather manufacturers and specifically customized to exceed factory performance. Already, Katzkin leather has been accepted and is currently used by a variety of new car manufacturers including Chrysler, Jeep, and Ford.

  • Lloyd floor mats

Lloyd is the undisputed king of aftermarket car-floor mats. They have all types and makes of floor mats for passenger cars, SUVs, and even trucks. The carpets are available in over 100 colors and made from all-weather rubber and clear vinyl. You can also pick mats with licensed trademark emblems for most of the popular car manufacturers including but not limited to Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler, and Chevrolet.

  • Heated seats

With more consumers opting for heated seats, Automotive Expressions has partnered with some of the leading brands in the industry to bring you just that. Modern seat heaters need to be flexible enough to withstand physical strains while meeting the consumer demands for quick response to temperature changes. The heaters used by Automotive Expressions are strong, robust, flexible, high performance, and cost-effective.

  • Interior lighting

Say what you want and you can have it! Automotive ambient lighting technology will instantly transform the interiors of your car. With unlimited options to pick from and custom designs at your disposal, it’s an excellent opportunity to give your interiors a mood of your desire.

  • Lumbar support

 Automotive Expressions uses ComfortSeat Lumbar support systems from ROSTRA to allow you to set the amount of back muscle support you need for that perfectly comfortable ride. The best news is that you can conveniently control the lumbar support system with the touch of a button!

There are several other custom car interior design options not discussed here including RoadWire Leather, Sherwood dash-kits, and replacement carpets.  In short, by the time you leave the Automotive workshop, you could be driving a completely different car!