Get Ready for Spring With Convertible Top Repair at Automotive Expressions

With spring around the corner in Phoenix, AZ, it is time to get your convertible top back to shape. While proper care can shield and extend the life of your convertible top, most people tend to ignore little repairs that if left undone, they become big and expensive.

If you own a convertible, here are a few warning signs you should look out for that will help you know whether you need a convertible top repair.

Mold or Mildew

Often confused with dirty spots, both mold and mildew can damage your convertible top upholstery. To help lessen this perplexity, it is vital to ensure that the upholstery is cleaned regularly to help prevent the mold from taking hold. If you spot or you are not sure of a blotch on your convertible top upholstery, visit Automotive Expressions, AZ and have it checked.

Rust On The Frame

Rust spreads very quickly and can ruin your convertible top. To take care of rust, search for points with uncovered metal with traces of rust on it. However, if your convertible top is entirely covered in upholstery, look for any rust discoloration. If you discover even the tiniest hint of rust spot, handle it immediately to prevent it from spreading.

Mechanical Trouble

If your convertible top is having trouble while opening or closing, it is vital to have it checked. Sometimes it can be the motor sounding unusually stressed or a choppy movement instead of a smooth open and close. Although the cause maybe very simple, it can worsen if not quickly repaired leaving you with a convertible top that won’t move or one that’s stuck midway.


Convertibles roof come off with design and they may not be as watertight as coupes permanent roofs. Most convertible tops are made from vinyl, plastic, or some other penetrable material so it is common for tears and rips to cause water-leaking problems that can destroy your car’s interior. To avoid this problems patch up any leak causing rips or seek the assistance of a convertible automobile specialist.

With proper care and maintenance, you can extend the life of your convertible tops. If you have any questions regarding the condition your convertible top or simply require a convertible top repair in Phoenix, AZ, please contact Automotive Expressions and speak to one of our representatives.